LIVE ARTS - This Town Is a Mystery by Headlong Dance Theater

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, PA

Attention Audience Members, Food! Bring a dish for the post-show potluck! If 
you have special dietary needs, bring something that
 fits your diet so you'll be assured of getting fed.


"I'm curious about who lives in this city, and how little we know about each other. That's the mystery." Andrew Simonet, co-director of This Town Is a Mystery

"Headlong is clearly not your typical dance company, with dances in keeping with the troupe's motto that intelligent experimentation can be compelling and in some cases, hilarious." The New York Times


Special Venue + Ticket Information: Venues are listed as House A, B, C, and D. Show venue addresses will arrive by email after you purchase your ticket. Household letters correspond to different houses so if you wish to see more than one show sign up for different letters. All venues are in Philadelphia, but outside of Center City. Each house holds no more than 10 audience members, so if you are unable to find the number of tickets for your group, please try another date or house, or consider splitting up - don't be shy!


Every home is a universe.

This Town Is a Mystery combines local performance and dinner in four Philadelphia homes. Created over the course of several months by Headlong and each home's residents, the dance works are performed by the residents in their own living rooms-transformed into a fully teched stage-with no professional performers.

Five easy steps:
1. Buy a ticket.
2. Make a dish.
3. Travel to a neighborhood. Sit in the living room with ten other audience members. The lights go down.
4. Show time. The household performs their piece, blending stories of their lives, the household, and the neighborhood.
5. Potluck dinner. Good thing you brought your dish.


A couple coming together can bring one dish.

Children are welcome.

You have to stay for dinner.

We don't handle your parking.

You can't choose which home you go to. It's a mystery.
Please plan
 travel times accordingly, all venues are outside of Center City.
Each house has a cat.

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Direction Headlong Dance Theater Lighting and Space Design Thom Weaver Sound and Video Rucyl Mills Performers Shannon Aryadarei, Zahed Aryadarei, Shaheen Aryadarei, Sydney Aryadarei, Sulaimon Aryadarei, Lea Bostick, Princess Bostick, Adam Bostick, Kendra McQueen, Calvin McQueen, Kassean Barnes, Kenya McQueen, Tobie Hoffman


Headlong Dance Theater is known for their collaborative interdisciplinary approach to making works that are innovative and accessible. Previous Live Arts shows include: Red Rovers (2012), More (2009), Explanatorium (2007).


This Town Is a Mystery has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through Dance Advance; the MAP Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; and the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation.

Sunday, 09 September, 2012

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