Faye Driscoll - Thank You For Coming: Play


140 N. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

This semi-fictional collective autobiography explores “who we are” as mythically urgent and elusively empty. Play lays bare the duel experience of self and the performance of self; of being among and being alone; of communion and alienation. Mouths and bodies say one thing while words say another in a strange and delightful meditation on the social nature and corporeal faltering of language.

For the second installment of her Thank You for Coming series, Driscoll uses the ritual of storytelling to explore our human reliance on stories to relate to one another and form identities as individuals and citizens. Play focuses on the shadows, gaps, repetitions and stutters between what we say and what we do while we say it. In this strange and enthralling collage of gesture, image, voice, and persona, where the physical and aural exist in a slippery relationship, performers ventriloquize, shape-shift and speak through and for each other.

Friday, 14 April, 2017

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