Knowing Dance More: Dorothée Munyaneza

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UArts School of Dance presents Knowing Dance More with Dorothée Munyaneza:
Passing Through

people passing through bodies and borders, leaving traces, journeying on into the unknown, traces of their passages, traces of their places of origin and destination, traces of their histories, names that vanish or no one cares to remember, traces of melodies and steps that tell traces of old and new spaces. We are passing through carrying our past and hoping for the future but the now is mostly what matters, slowly appearing and disappearing, forgetting, memorizing, finding new ways of telling and transmitting our stories, unedited.

Dorothée Munyaneza, born in Rwanda and living in Marseille, is a singer, musician, dancer, and choreographer whose work "forces us to listen to the silences and see the scars of history." 

Dorothée has been singing since her childhood. She studied music at the Jonas Foundation in London and at university in Canterbury. She was a part of the AfroCelt Sound System’s Anatomic album and composed and sang part of the original soundtrack for the film Hotel Rwanda. In 2010, her first solo album produced by Martin Russell was released. She also collaborated with English composer James Brett on the Earth Songs album, released in December 2012.

In 2006, Dorothée entered the field of contemporary dance through her work with François Verret. Dorothée’s artistic curiosity and her interest for a dialogue between music and other modes of expression blossomed through her participation in four of Verret’s shows (Sans RetourIceCabaret and Do you remember, no I don’t), and in Kaori Ito’s Noctiluque. Today, she works with other artists and choreographers such as Nan Goldin, Mark Tompkins, Robyn Orlin, Alain Buffard, Rachid Ouramdane, and Maud Le Pladec. She ventures between dance and folkblues with Seb Martel and Catman, or, between poetry, dance, and experimental music with Alain Mahé, Jean-François Pauvros and Ko Murobushi.

In 2013, Dorothée Munyaneza created her artistic company, Cie Kadidi and produced her first choreographic piece Samedi Détente that premiered in November 2014. She choreographed a second piece, Unwanted, which premiered July 2017 at Festival d’Avignon.

Presented by the School of Dance, "Knowing Dance More" is a series of lectures, conversations and informal showings led by important artists and scholars in the international field of dance. Curated by Lauren Bakst, this series seeks to bring into focus current issues within the production, performance and practice of dance works and will hopefully foster ongoing conversations about knowing dance (more).

Sunday, 24 September, 2017

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