Intermediate-Advanced Flamenco with Elba Hevia y Vaca

Overbrook Garage Studio

6411 Overbrook Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19151

  • Overall understanding of “compas” (rhythm structure) of the “palos” of Solea, Solea por Bulerias and Bulerias and Seguiriyas.
  • Further understanding of the “colocacion” (flamenco alignment) and how it relates to the movement efficiency within the flamenco vocabulary.
  • Understanding the relationship between the core support and neutra pelvis placement in relationship to Flamenco “colocacion”.
  • Understanding of the “floreo”(hand movement) and “brazeo” (arm sequence) technique and the relationship to the whole body.
  • Developing support leg and foot strength, and stability in order to accomplish the complex footwork patterns.
    Understanding and demonstrating concepts of body organization such as breath support, head and hip placement in relationship to the flamenco technique and philosophy.
  • Gaining an understanding of the Solea, Solea por Bulerias and Bulerias “palo” structure and dialogue the between the dancer and “verse”.
  • Further understanding of the communication between the singer, dancer and guitarist to the various rhythms.
    Becoming comfortable with integrating “floreo”, “brazeo,” and footwork to the various rhythms.
  • Further exploration of the rhythmic structures and patterns of Solea, Solea por Bulerias through more complex “palmas” combinations. (hand clapping).
  • Further understanding how energy is directed in one’s body and projected out into space through the “brazeo” and “floreo” movement and into the floor through footwork patterns.
  • Ability to assimilate the sequential movement material following the “compass and begin improvisation.



Artistic/Executive Director and Founder

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Elba Hevia y Vaca began her study of classical Spanish dance at the age of five. She later studied and danced with master dancer Ana Martinez of the Ana Martinez Flamenco Dance Company in D.C., and danced with Washington’s Raquel Peña Spanish Dance Company, appearing as a soloist at various venues throughout the U.S. In Philadelphia she continued her study of modern dance, jazz, and contact improvisation from various Philadelphia artists.

In 2000, Hevia y Vaca founded Pasión y Arte (PyA) out of a strong and intensely personal conviction that highly-stylized traditional Spanish flamenco dance is a perfect vessel to empower women. These values have been reflected in her seven original, critically acclaimed works she has created for PyA, and in the numerous grants and fellowships awarded to Hevia y Vaca and PyA. These include support from the Pew Center for the Arts and Heritage, the Knight Foundation, Barra Foundation, Samuel L Fels Foundation, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Philadelphia Cultural Fund, Philadelphia Foundation, PNC Arts Alive, Leeway Foundation, Hispanics in Philanthropy, and the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation.

In 2008, Hevia y Vaca launched the PyA Conservatory to provide a disciplined environment for preserving and teaching the formal structures of flamenco in a women-positive environment. The Conservatory has brought such flamenco masters as Belen Maya, Rosario Toledo, Alejandro Granados, Israel Galvan, Pastora Galvan, Carmen Ledesma and many more from Spain to conduct workshops, bringing the highest quality training available to the Philadelphia community. Hevia y Vaca has also continuously taught courses at local schools and universities, often representing students’ first encounter with this dance form and she is currently a Senior Adjunct Professor at Franklyn & Marshall and at Temple University, teaching various levels of Flamenco.

In 2012 Hevia y Vaca curated and launched the first citywide Philadelphia Flamenco Festival and then a second Festival in 2014, thanks to the generous funding of Pew Center of Arts and Heritage and the Knight Foundation. The Festivals broadened PyA’s impact through partnership with a wide range of Philadelphia organizations by presenting two dozen artists and scholars from the U.S. and abroad, including masters from Spain of different genders who are also exploring feminist and other innovative approaches to flamenco, such as Rosario Toledo, and Israel and Pastora Galván. The Festival encompassed performances, lectures, classes, workshops, and film screenings, reaching an audience of more than 5,000 and furthering Philadelphia as a center of forward-thinking flamenco.

Hevia y Vaca and Pasion y Arte have performed at the Kennedy Center, the Kimmel Center, Jacobs Pillow and other notable dance venues. She continues her dance studies and research yearly in Sevilla, submerging herself with master dancers, musicians and singers of the art form. She is interested in continued research in collaborations with contemporary artists from the Philadelphia community and most recently she has began research and a collaborative project with choreographer Susan Rethorst. She is regularly commissioned to choreograph new works for dance, theater companies and universities.

Monday, 22 May, 2017

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