Weekly West African Dance class with Anssumane

Studio 34

4522 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

 Open Level class

Artist Bio:

An accomplished dancer and drummer, Anssumane began his performing career at the age of 11 in his native Guinea Bissau. He danced professionally for over 18 years with the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau. He was also a member of the contemporary dance troupe, Africa Estranha. Anssumane has entertained ambassadors, presidents, and other international appointees. His talent has led him to Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa, and Libya. 

While working with African Estanha, Anssumane created performance pieces that address strife and suffering (including abuse of power and inequitable access to clear water and other vital resources) in Guinea Bissau, which has been torn apart by coups and political violence for decades. 

Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2008, Anssumane has toured numerous states, performing as a dancer and drummer with the Voices of Africa Drum Ensemble. He has been a featured artist for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council Humanities on the Road initiative, choreographer for the Kúlú Mélé African Dance Ensemble, recipient of the “Best in Philly” Dance Class, 2012 and two time awardee of the Folk Art PA grant. 

Anssumane choreographed the showcase production for ArtWell’s Gala 2015 where Director Spike Lee and Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez were in attendance. He was a member of the 2015 Barrymore recommended play, Black Nativity by Langston Hughes, at Theater Horizons. 

In addition to teaching traditional (Bijagos, Balanta, Fula, and Manjaco) and contemporary dance styles from Guinea Bissau, he teaches a range of other West African dance styles in studios and schools in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Sunday, 28 May, 2017

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