Absolute Beginner Flamenco Technique at Sound Space

Sound Space

2511 West Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130

This class will center around learning and improving students' understanding of the following core flamenco dance principles:

Proper posture and body positioning (colocación)
Percussive footwork (zapateo); including the parts of the feet used to make sound; the ball of the foot (planta), the heel (tacón), the whole foot (golpe), and the point of the toe (punta)
Movement of the arms/port de bras (braceo) and the circular movement of the hands (floreo)
Basic turns (vueltas)
Simple movement patters that mark the beat (marcaje)
Two types of rhythmic hand-clapping (palmas sordas/palmas altas)
Basic understanding of select flamenco rhythms (palos)
Locomotor movements across the floor will combine skills of the upper and lower body.

Instructor: Amy Schofield

Thursday, 30 March, 2017

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