Master Class with Michael Nickerson-Rossi

The Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

In Michael Nickerson-Rossi’s workshops, dancers experience a blend of classical modern technique embellished with new age contemporary movement through an educational and structured dance class. He teaches an athletic release technique fostered by gravity allowing the dancer to experience various levels of space and momentum. We, as a class, will be challenged by expansion of movement that incorporates precision, fluidity and form, subtlety and bigness, that engages the dancers top technical abilities and spacial intention. 

 Dancers are asked to bring forth a sophisticated perspective to the artistry of dance while dancing incredibly athletic, graceful, and expansive phrasing. Michael often provides tools to explore contemporary partnering through a hands-on approach and will break down the compositional elements for creating choreography and group phrasing. 


Thursday, 20 April, 2017


Chad Allen Ortiz

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