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Description: Break Dance is the most athletic and acrobatic branch of hip hop dance. Break dance is composed of standing foot work, floor work that consists of moves that build from a squat position to movements on the stomach and back. Headstands, handstands and various other arm balances and inverted skills are common features in break dance as well. Our Break Dance curriculum and classes are directed by Bboy Metal of Hip Hop Fundaments. Metal and other members of Hip Hop Fundamentals provide students with a fun, safe and efficient pathway towards learning break dance. Repetition is a staple in Movemakers Philly break dance classes. There are few kids in Philadelphia with as much GRIT as our bboys and bgirls. Break dance students learn the value of hard work, determination, commitment, repetition and emotional and physical resilience. ​​

Instructor Bio: Mark Wong, known in the Hip Hop dance world as Metal, is proud to be the lead Breaking coach at the MoveMakers Philly. He is also co-founder of Hip Hop Fundamentals, a touring, Philadelphia-based Dance Education company specializing in empowering youth through Breakdancing. He has studied Breaking, the traditional Hip Hop dance, for 15 years, competing with battle crew Repstyles and performing with contemporary company olive Dance Theatre. With Hip Hop Fundamentals, Metal has toured around the United States since 2010, and has been the recipient of multiple grants to implement dance workshops, performances, and artist residencies at schools, studios, and community sites. He was awarded Artist of the Year in 2017 for his educational programming, and he has served as an Arts Integration consultant/lecturer to numerous organizations, including the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts and the Hip Hop Literacies Conference. Metal is currently an artist-in-residence at Asian Arts Initiative, and an ensemble member of the Almanac Dance Circus Theater. He has choreographed and performed numerous solo and ensemble works using Breaking as a contemporary medium. Metal passionately seeks out new avenues to utilize dance as both an educational, community building, and artistic tool.

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