Dance for PD

The Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Dance for PD® program is designed to assist those living with Parkinson’s in embracing dance as one vehicle for building a more resilient and joyous life. In Dance for PD classes, participants are empowered to explore movement and music in ways that are refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating and creative. 

Every class begins with participants seated in chairs. No previous dance experience is required. Approximately 60 percent of all class sessions continue with chair exercises.  Participants who are able then move to standing and work holding on to a chair, at a ballet barre, or in freestanding positions. Dance movement across the floor is included for those who are able with vocabulary introduced from a wide variety of dance styles/traditions. For those who need to remain in a chair, dance movement continues with modifications. 

Anyone for whom the class fee is challenging should contact Wendy Lewis, Director of the Parkinson's Council, at (610) 668-4292, and accommodations will be made. Care partners are invited and encouraged to attend free of charge. 


Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

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