Our Dynamic Pelvis and Lower Spine with Irene Dowd

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 Our pelvis serves as a kind of "hub of the wheel" to the rest of our body as we move through our daily life activities.  When we move our arms or leg or head through space, while maintaining our equilibrium, we are required to balance the forces acting on our pelvis and lower spine with complexly coordinated and responsive muscle activity at our hips, and lower trunk. I call this ongoing activity "dynamic stabilization" (which is mostly non-conscious when we are successful at it).  If we don't manage to balance those forces with adequately subtle and adaptable neuromuscular responses, then we may lose our balance, perhaps fall or even stress the joints of our spine and sacroiliac in ways that degrade well-being.

In this workshop, we will review the musculoskeletal anatomy of the lower spine and pelvis.  We will experience an expanded vocabulary of movement possibilities of our pelvis and lower spine and discover muscular use strategies that can effectively produce these in the service of ongoing dynamic stability. Participants will learn conditioning and warm-up choreography created to facilitate movement, ease, and strength of our lower trunk as well as responsive stabilization of the joints of our lumbar spine and sacroiliac. 

Biographical note: Irene Dowd is on the dance faculty of the Juilliard School, Canada's National Ballet School, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, the Hollins University/ADF MFA program in dance, and Movement Research. Author of Taking Root to Fly, she has maintained a private practice in kinesthetic anatomy and neuromuscular re-education for over 40 years in NYC. Irene has choreographed for Peggy Baker, Margie Gillis and other solo dancers. Her work has been taught in schools and dance companies across the US and Canada.

Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 20 participants only.

Sunday, 12 November, 2017


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