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Class Description
This class will work towards more efficient, graceful, strong, and coordinated movement through the study and practice of Bartenieff Basic 6 Exercises supported by Bartenieff Fundamental Principles and embodied anatomy. The classes will include physical exercises, but will go beyond technique to build greater mental understanding and physical comfort of the biomechanics of the human body moving in space. Bartenieff Fundamentals are a somatic practice designed by Irmgard Bartenieff, based in Rudolf Laban’s theories of movement. Instructor Loren Groenendaal is a Certified Movement Analyst in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies.

Each class period will focus on 1 of the Bartenieff Basic 6 exercises with the 7th and final week be a review and inquiry into all of them. Each Basic 6 exercise explores a fundamental of human movement. Working through these exercises is not only strengthening, but through somatic awareness, more efficient and graceful coordinations are built. Each week we will investigate the Basic 6 Exercises in the classic Bartenieff manner and work with variations for deeper application to the rest of our movement lives whether that is dance, sport, martial art, or pedestrian moving, like walking, cooking, and desk sitting, etc. This class is great for professional and amateur dancers, athletes, movers, and people just trying to cope with daily movement.

The class will be offered simultaneously as a session and a as a drop in class. For the most benefit, sign up and commit to the whole session! If that’s not possible, drop in as you please. Below are the dates underlinedwhich Basic 6 Exercise we will focus on in bold, followed by supporting Bartenieff Principles, regions of strengthening, and other ideas that will be worked on that day, which does not limit those Principles to that day.

Course Outline:
1. November 2ndThigh Lift (Psoas awareness and use, Hip Socket mobility, Pelvic mobility/stability in relation to Leg mobility/stability, Core strength, Breath Support)

2. November 9th- Sagittal Pelvic Shift (Hamstring strengthening, Pelvic floor awareness, Spatial Intent, Weight Shift, Dynamic Alignment, Phrasing, Yield-Push-Reach-Pull Developmental Pattern)

3. November 16th- Lateral Pelvic Shift (internal and external Rotation, Pelvic floor awareness and strengthening, Weight Shift, Spatial Intent and precision, abduction and adduction)

(No class on 11/23/17 due to Thanksgiving)

4. November 30thBody Half (Core strengthening with Side Bending, Axis of Length, bilateral symmetry awareness, Shape Intent, Spatial Intent, Initiation and Sequencing)

5. December 7th- Knee Drop (Spinal and Femural Rotation, Pelvic floor strengtheing, Rotary Support, Effort Intent, abduction and adduction)

6. December 14thArm Circle (Spinal Rotation, Rotation of Proximal joints of Hip and Shoulder, Rotary Support, Developmental Pattern Support, Upper body and shoulder mobility and ease, Back (latissimus dorisi) strengthening)

7. December 21stAll Bartenieff Basic 6 Exercises review and questions

Instructor Bio:
Loren Groenendaal is a professional dancer, choreographer, and educator based in Philadelphia, working with her own company, Vervet Dance. She is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF), which she earned from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) in 2010. Loren also holds an MFA in Choreography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a BA in Dance and Visual Arts from Oberlin College. She has been adjunct or guest faculty at  Arcadia University, DeSales University, Juniata College, Towson University, University of the Arts, and University of Pennsylvania. Whether she is teaching students, young or old, professional or recreational, she delights in offering her students more options in their movement, wonder about their movement, and a playful rigor to push exploration further. When teaching technique and Bartenieff Fundamentals or coaching someone through the lens of Laban Movement Analysis, her goal is to help individuals find more ease, expression, and understanding through movement. She has studied LMA/BF with other notable CMAs of Lynn Adelmann, Simona Aranow, Karen Bradley, Cheryl Clark, Laura Cox, John Chanik, Esther Geiger, Jackie Hand, Cat Maguire, Sharon Mansur, Karen Studd and anatomy, somatics and mindful dancing with Ann Cooper Albright, Nicole Bindler, Irene Dowd, Simone Forti, Jill Green, Anna Halprin, Curt Haworth, Kathleen Hermesdorff, Katherine Kiefer Stark, Shannon Murphy, Jill Sigman, Anastasi Siotas, Sarah Shelton Mann, BJ Sullivan, and Nancy Stark Smith. In addition to earning her CMA from LIMS, she has continued to deepen her work with LMA and BF by joining LIMS as an assistant faculty and incorporating the work in to her art making and teaching.

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

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