updated 3/1/2015

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Please note that the 1400+ members of the listserv are primarily fellow members of the dance community, as well as related performing arts community in Philadelphia. Please keep this in mind and tailor your posts accordingly.


Membership to the listerv is FREE. However, in light of recent issues with spam complaints from major ISPs, membership will only be accepted from qualified applicants. You MUST provide your full name when signing up for the listserv. We must be able to verify that you are a member of the dance community or performing arts community in the region. If we can not verify your status, your application will be rejected. You may appeal this decision by providing evidence to the contrary.

You can unsubscribe at any time by simply gouing to the listserv's main page at you may also send an email request to Such requests are fulfilled with in 24 hours or less of the request being made. The unsubscribe link is made available in all listserv posts as the bottom of the email.
Subscribing and unsubscribing on a regular basis just to make posts is prohibited will result in your email address being blocked by the listserv.

After considerable evaluation and in an effort to prevent spam issues that have arisen, it has been decided to no longer accept posts to the listerv from non-members. A few exceptions will be made for information provided to the dance community that is deemed to be of significance to a wider audience (NOT included in this category are promotions of performances or classes. INCLUDED would be advocacy issues, grants available, residency programs, etc.)

updated PRIVACY
We do not share your email address with any other third parties. The listserv is hosted and maintained by Delaware Valley On Line. A copy of the privacy policy may be found at

The listserv tends to average about 15-30 emails per week. When signing up for service you have an option to receive individual emails or a daily digest. If you do NOT want a high volume of email from us, it is strongly suggested that you sign up for the daily digest. If at any time, you wish to change your delivery method, simply send an email to with yoru request. Please note that while the daily digest is just that, if there is a high volume of emails all on one day, you may receive more than one digest in a day as there is a general size restriction for emails. When that size restriction has been met, an email is automatically sent.

Please note that all posts are moderated and reviewed for format and appropriate content. The listserv software does not allow us to edit posts, only to approve or reject posts. We reserve the sole right to approve, reject or discard any post sent to the listserv. Duplicate posts sent with in 10 days of each other are automatically discarded to prevent spam. While posts usually go out within one three hours of receipt, they may be held for up to 24 hours depending on current volume to the listserv. It is strongly recommended that if you post is time sensitive or dated that you allow at least 24-48 hours for transmission.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A COPY OF YOUR OWN POST! If a post does not pass the moderation cue, you will be sent an email with the reason for the rejection.

HOW TO POST (Please read!!!!)

1. Simply send an email to
2. Subject line of email must be filled out and be clear. Do not leave blank or your post will automatically be deleted by the system. The subject line should be short and to the point, indicating what the post is about. Eg// Performance 4/12 by XYZ Dance Company or New Modern Dance Class Forming. Do not make the subject lines extremely lengthy! Do not put subject lines in all capital letters.
3. When you send to the listserv, your message as formatted is exactly what goes out. Please do not send notes with the email to the listserv. Example, do not put in your post messages like – "can you send this out on the listserv", "please post this when you get a chance", "is this ok to send out on the listserv?". If you have questions about a post or using the listserv – send them to philadelphiadance at and not the listserv itself.
4. Remove elaborate signatures or footers. Please remove any organizational or advertising signatures that may be contained in your email. We realize that some signatures (example - yahoo mail) can not be removed and have allowed for them to be accepted by the system.
5. Do NOT have the listserv address as part of your own mass emailers. Messages which contain cc or bcc fields with multiple email addresses will be rejected to prevent spamming. You must send a UNIQUE email to the listserv.
6. Do NOT have the listserv be part of your own mailing lists through such professional services as constant contact, etc. These will be automaitically rejected as they contain tracking code which our users have not agreed upon.

The best format for your listserv post is a plain text message. All users, regardless of their email systems, can read this. Some of you prefer to enhance you messages using html (formatting similar to a web page). This can also go out but when you send your email, you must allow for it to be in both text and html formats. If it is only sent as html, you will loose over half your audience or your message may appear to be blank to the recipient.

The listserv by its setup strips most attachments from posts sent to it. I have made exceptions for sending pictures in .jpg and .gif formats. I am also selectively allowing for pdf and word doc files. Attachments should be under 5mgs in size so as not to jam up most users mailboxes. You should reduce photo sizes before sending them. Do NOT send high resolution photos through the listserv, your post will be rejected.

Important– do NOT just send an attachment. You MUST still have a message in the body of your email
or it will not go out. All attachments are scanned for virus, malware, scripts and illegal characters. If the system does not like the formatting, it is automatically deleted. I do not have control of this as it is built in to protect the server!

Photos sent as an attachment or inline to a listserv post should be no more than 72dpi (low resolution). Image size should not be more than 600px in legth or width. DO NOT send high reolution photos through the listserv, your post will be rejected.
Simply draging the corners of an image to make it smaller, does not reduce actual file size - you must use a program like photoshop to actually reduce photo size.

We are all bombarded by tons of information on a daily basis. So it is important not to have the listserv be perceived as spam or simply ignored because of too many postings. If you have already seen a volume of posts on a given day, you might want to wait a day or so to post, unless there is an urgent need. This will make your post more effective in the long run! If you are promoting an event, please limit your posts to one advance notice of the event and one reminder the week of the event. If the same post is submitted with greater frequency to promote an event, it will not pass the moderation cue.

This is by no means a complete list and we try to give a very wide lattitude with minimal censorship...
1. Performance announcements, upcoming shows, new works, dance festivals, dance events.
2. Announcements of master classes, workshops, new classes forming.
3. Dance issues, advocacy for the arts, funding issues, etc.
4. Deadline reminders for grants, sign ups for participation in programs, other dance related programs.
5. Informational pieces - general announcements, reading recommendations, etc.

The following posts are restricted from going out on the server…
1. Selling of products or services (performance or class announcements are not included in the rule). These should be submitted to the dance web boards and not the listserv.
2. Management of dance classes. We do not mind posts to initially advertise/promote your class and prefer that these originate from the instructor or organizer as opposed to a thrid party recommendation. However, the listserv should not be used for class cancellations and announcements and other management issues.
3. Personal messages. ( You would be surprised what is sent through! Sorry we do not do birthday announcements.)
4. Messages which contain cc or bcc fields with multiple email addresses. Please do not put the listserv address as part of your other emailers or emailing campaigns.
5. Solicitations to join other mailing lists. Sorry, but you need to develop your own list and contacts. We literally get 1-2 such posts per day. Thats over 365 offers to join a list in a year!

Please feel free to email with questions to or fill out a tech support ticket at