How do I know if my listserv post went out?
All posts to the listserv are automatically held in a moderation cue for review. You will receive a auto-reply email that indicates such. Posts are reviewed with in 24 hours or less and then sent out. If a post is rejected for any reason, you will receive an additional email stating that it has been rejected and the reason why.

You can double check if your post has gone out by viewing the listserv archives. We STRONGLY suggest you do this before opening a trouble ticket.

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE LISTSERV, do not expect to see posts! You may join by visiting this link

IF YOU ARE A MEMBER, you will not be sent your own post! There is no cc feature in listservs and the originator of an email is not sent their own post. Please check the archives if you need verification.
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2016
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