My listserv post was rejected, now what?
Please review the guidelines for the use of the listserv!

1. It is a duplicate post made in under 7 days. The listerv is designed to prevent spam and duplicate posts are automatically removed by the server.
2. Subject line of post was not clear or was deemed misleading
3. Notes were made in your post - such as "please post this" or "can you send this out to the dance community"
4. Post falls in to one of our restricted categories as noted below

The following posts are restricted from going out on the server?
1. Selling of products or services. These should be submitted to the dance web boards and not the listserv.
2. Management of dance classes. We do not mind posts to initially advertise/promote your class and prefer that these originate from the instructor or organizer as opposed to a thrid party recommendation. However, the listserv should not be used for class cancellations and announcements and other management issues.
3. Personal messages. ( You would be surprised what is sent through! Sorry we do not do birthday announcements.)
4. Messages which contain cc or bcc fields with multiple email addresses. Please do not put the listserv address as part of your other emailers or emailing campaigns.
5. Solicitations to join other mailing lists. Sorry, but you need to develop your own list and contacts. We literally get 1-2 such posts per day. Thats over 365 offers to join a list in a year!

IF YOU THINK YOU ARE AN EXCEPTION TO THESE RULES, then please open a trouble ticket and explain why for it to be reviewed by committee.
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2016
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