Intermediate Workshop with Sarah and Damian - 'Volcadas'

Damian and Sarah Tango

1630 S 19th St
Philadelphia, PA 19145

This is a role-balanced workshop on "Volcadas" for intermediate to advanced students.  The volcada is an (intentionally!) off-axis movement that requires subtle communication between the leader and follower in order to be successful.  It's a versatile movement that can easily add depth to the dance.  We will lay the structural and technical foundation for volcadas.  Then, you will learn how to incorporate them comfortably and fluidly into the dance.  Use this workshop to build on your understanding of how volcadas work and to fine-tune your skills!

There will be a maximum of only 6 Followers and 6 Leaders.  Includes 3 hours of instruction plus a 15 minute break.  

Pre-registration required.  Please register at the website below.

Saturday, 22 July, 2017



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