Lady Leaders Workshop with Sarah

Damian and Sarah Tango

1630 S 19th St
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Are you tired of sitting out your favorite song?  Tired of gender imbalance? Do you want to experience tango from the other side?  If you have experience following and would like to learn to lead, this is the class for you!  Leading is a totally different animal from following; you initiate movement and create, rather than receive and respond.  It's incredibly fun, satisfying, and gets your creative juices flowing.  

In this workshop, Sarah will teach fundamentals of leading technique, tango structure and musicality in the context of simple sequences.  The material will vary from previous workshops, but will be at accessible to absolute beginner leaders who have had experience as followers.  

​Pre-registration required.  Register in person or at the website below.

Saturday, 04 November, 2017



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