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A Step for Each Year: 100 Sequences that Illustrate Tango’s Evolution from 1895 to 1995

A Survey of Traditional Tango Sequences, Concepts & Musicality 

Sundays 4-5:30pm. Partners-only.

We're pleased to be adding a new class to our weekly schedule. Andres has created a curriculum of 100 traditional tango sequences " from absolute beginner level to very advanced - and arranged them according to when they emerged in tango history. In this class, each couple will work their way through the sequences, studying the technical details of execution, the structure, and the context in tango history. Upon mastery of these aspects of one sequence, they’ll move on to the next.

Even though the course is priced like our regular weekly classes (class cards accepted!), it will function more like a group private lesson, with each couple receiving individual guidance and personalized exercises from Andres, and progressing at their own speed.

Starting in 1995, tango underwent an explosive period of innovation, yielding greatly improved pedagogy, refined technique (especially in the lead and follow) and innumerable new sequences and concepts. (Andres was actually part of this revolution. Read his bio here.) As different as they may seem from what came before, all of these innovations piggy-back squarely on the developments that occurred in tango’s first century. Students will be amazed at how much more easily they can learn steps and concepts in contemporary tango when they have studied the historical evolution of tango in-depth.

The class will make use of Andres’s notation system, The Code, to help students remember, understand, and write and read each sequence that they learn.

Students will be given access to Andres’s website to view videos and notation of the sequences after the first class.

$25 drop-in or use your intermediate/advanced class card

Questions? Email Andres.

Sunday, 19 November, 2017

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